Why choose natural stone?

November 22, 2017
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Our range of natural stone tiles has been carefully selected to meet current design trends as well as providing plenty of unique options. Our products are available in a large range of colours, finishes and sizes suitable for use in any room of the home, both indoors and outdoors.


Natural stone flooring will add beauty to your home and is the only material that improves with age, lasts a life time and has natural variations that add character. It is hard wearing, very practical and enhances the value of your home. Unlike engineered stone, it does not have a time limit determined by a particular fashion trend.

Each and every stone is unique and has its own set of characteristics that make them harder, softer or shinier. Application needs to be considered when choosing a style as some will work better than others depending on usage.

Natural stone can suit both a traditional and contemporary setting. It is very adaptable and can suit everything from a home in a country cottage to an urban townhouse or modern industrial commercial property. Stone goes well with other natural products such as wood and works particularly well with underfloor heating.

Every single tile is unique and fossils, shells and crystal veins are all marks of authenticity and can’t be replicated by a man made product.


Natural stone is well worth investing in as it lasts longer than carpet, timber floors or laminate. Once laid it can be enjoyed for many years to come.

Many estate agents agree that investing in natural stone will reflect the asking price of your property.


Different finishes: Sanding gives the floor a more shiny polished look and less sanding will create a more natural look. Polished surfaces are usually for more modern projects and require more attention compared with antiqued or tumbled surfaces which have better wear and tear over time. Stones such as travertine have holes and can be left filled or unfilled to give an even more natural look. You can grout the holes when you grout the joints

Flooring options: limestone, travertine, marble, granite, sandstone, onyx, basalt or slate.

Edge finishes are a design preference and include:

  • Straight cut (or SC): have sharp edge
  • Bevelled: also called Chamfered, the bevel is used to make the installation easier and to eliminate sharp levelling differences on the floor between tiles when grout is used.

Sandstone: Is very versatile that can be cut and transformed into anything imaginable. It is slip resistant, doesn’t absorb heat readily and is a great choice for entertaining areas.

Granite: Most durable of the stone types as it is generally  strong and hard wearing. It has low water absorption that gives the stone good resistance to most stains.

Limestone: Pleasing to the eyes and touch offering subtle pastel and natural colours which blend in with today’s minimal trend whilst providing warmth. It’s a great choice for pool surrounds as most limestone is resistant to salt attack.

Travertine: Has unique patters and textures and is generally a dense and durable material that is soft to touch and stays cool under foot making it great for bathrooms and pool areas.

Marble: An elegant choice offering uniform colours, subtle veining and dramatic mosaic effects.

Bluestone: Strong, dense, durable and stain resistant. Earth colour range for contemporary and natural environments.


Man made stone can not compare in beauty or individuality to the authenticity of natural stone. You can see and feel the difference. Natural stone was formed during the Jurassic era which makes it around 300 million years old. Some travertines are considered relatively young and formed about 10,000 years ago.

Natural stone comes in an infinite range of colours and variety of tones. Limestone comes in earthy shades ranging from creams, beiges to blues and dark browns, marbles come in a vast range of colours including bright reds and pure whites, slates and granites come in a huge range of mid tone and dark colours including greens, grey, black and multi coloured. The colour choice of natural stone is endless.

Tumble, brushed or antique stone floors are perfect when looking for a material that will fit in with period homes or renovation projects.  They are great in a repeating pattern with different sized tiles mixed together, and works well with antique looks and compliments other natural materials such as timber beams and old wooden doors. Aged stone can be mixed with a modern minimalist look.

For modern interiors honed limestone is a great choice because of the matt surface, straight lines which lend themselves to clean uncluttered modern rooms. When creating a stylish look the larger the better.


Natural stone is easy to keep clean and are practical for families and pet owners. Choose colours such as beiges, coffee colours and mushroom colours which are great for hiding everyday wear. Dog and cat hairs also are much easier to clean up not to mention how much easier it is to clean away “little accidents”.

Stones are the perfect choice if you don’t want to show the dirt. You can choose a stone with a natural colour variation so the colour has depth and is not flat. Choose a mid tone hard limestone or travertine.


Natural stone is harder wearing than porcelain and ceramics and can not be damaged easily, and is suitable for floors that require underfloor heating as it is a wonderful heat transference and retains heat for long periods. Stone is also not inherently cold.

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