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grigio argente granite slab on kitchen countertop

Together Design Studio’s alterations of Wabi-Sabi Apartment, an existing apartment in a small building in Randwick on Bidjigal and Gadigal Country, highlight both change and continuity. Through a focus on privacy and simplicity, a home is created. Yet more than providing a serene canvas for the lives of those who inhabit its spaces, the project elucidates the duality between what is cut and what is continuous through the process of renovation, as notions of living change over time.

Walls and ceilings of white-blues and blues, ceramic gloss tiles in blue-grey, benches of blue-grey Grigio Argente granite and cupboard fronts finished in green-blue establish associations of similarity – primarily through the tone of blue, which has a simple and muted consistency in this work.

Grigio Argente Granite slab splashback


Grigio Argente is one of the most popular products of our Granite Slab selection, blending aesthetics and durability seamlessly. A subtle and timeless natural stone characterised by its TAN veining against a light blue and grey background, the colour palette of this stone resembles WARM CONCRETE tones. Grigio Argente Granite will bring a touch of modern elegance to any chosen space and works well with timber, brass, copper and metal surrounds.

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