Terrazzo New Generation Tiles – just arrived!

December 7, 2017
STS Stone Terrazzo Tiles

We are excited to announce a new range of Terrazzo from Italy called ‘VERONA’ which is exclusive to STS STONE. This Italian Terrazzo is the line of innovative materials, ideal for indoor and outdoor floorings and any kind of tiling exclusive to STS STONE. 

Terrazzo tiles have a dedicated design focus, as well as having exceptional physical and mechanical characteristics. They are, therefore, an ideal solution for applications which require both a strong aesthetic, as well as a resistant and long wearing finish. Applications range from both residential to heavily trafficked commercial areas such as trade and shopping centres, airports, hospitals, schools and large buildings.

Why Terrazzo?

  • Terrazzo flooring has long been coveted due to its beauty, but it was difficult to install and maintain. Terrazzo tile retains all the gorgeous beauty and vibrant colours of terrazzo flooring in the form of easy-to-install tiles.
  • Lightweight, terrazzo tile is only 1/4 inch thick, making it easy to manage during the installation process as well as more economical to ship.
  • The large format tiles make installation quicker and result in fewer grout lines for a more polished look. Custom cuts to meet your needs can be easily achieved by using the correct diamond cutting disc.
  • Its non-porous surface resists stains, dings and scratches and does not require sealing. This not only reduces the installation time involved, it also cuts down on the maintenance required as well.
  • In addition to a range of beautiful standard colours offered, terrazzo tile is also available in colours that can be customised to your unique decor.
  • For even more time savings during installation, terrazzo tiles can be installed over your existing flooring. Going this route can reduce the amount of time a particular area is out of use as well as the mess and labor involved with tearing up the old floor.
  • Because they are made of up to 72% post-consumer materials, terrazzo tiles are an environmentally-friendly flooring choice.
  • Due to their unsurpassed durability, this flooring material is ideal for high-traffic areas such as residential entryways and all commercial spaces.

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