Sealing and Protecting Natural Stone

September 7, 2017
Sealing and Protecting Natural Stone

Natural stone is the perfect choice to add a luxurious element to your property. To ensure that your surfaces retain a beautiful and pristine appearance and last for years to come it is essential that you apply an effective sealant. This applies to whatever type of natural tile you choose.

There are differences in sealing requirements and we will be only too happy to help should you have any confusion. The main difference between Travertine and Limestone is that Travertine needs to be sealed only after it has been laid whereas limestone is recommended to be sealed both before and after. The sealer we recommend is Lithofin MN Stain Stop. Lithofin Stain Stop is a spirit based, silicone impregnation that penetrates into the surface of stone and forms an invisible film within the pores and capillaries. Prevents staining from water, dirt and oil, allowing the stone to breathe, and aids maintenance. For use on all polished and unpolished natural and artificial stone.

Stone Care Guide
Natural stone is an investment in lasting beauty giving you many years of wear. This care guide provides you with some tips on how to properly care for your product and help extend its life and maintain appearance. Following some simple precautions, proper sealing and using the correct cleaning methods and products will insure your stones last a lifetime.

Sealing Your Stone
Nature has provided us with a stone that has taken millions of years to form. It goes without saying we need to look after it.
Whilst stones appear “hard”, it is actually a porous material that can absorb spills and stains if left untreated. Sealing stone with a quality impregnating sealer will prevent most spills from damaging it. There is a wide variety of sealers available, so you need to select one that’s right for your specific needs and stone type. Industry professionals now recognise that natural stone is best protected with a fluoropolymer-based impregnating sealer containing advanced fluoropolymer technology. These penetrate the stone and help protect it against water and oil-based stains.

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