Patagonia Quartzite Slab

Stone type



Indoor - Countertops, splashbacks, vanities, kitchen island, statement pieces




Polished, Honed


This stunning masterpiece reminds us of an autumn landscape. Patagonia Quartzite is a bold statement and luxury natural stone slab option, incorporating rich earthy tones with beige and brown highlights. The stone’s distinctive veining and swirling patterns create a sense of movement and depth, making it highly desirable for aesthetic purposes.

Natural stone slabs are akin to an artwork. They are made up of an ever-changing array of colours and patterns that a small sample will never capture in full, nor ever represent a true beauty and individuality of each slab. Instead of a sample, we will provide a photo of an actual slab and encourage you to visit our warehouse to personally select your exclusive and unique work of art. Email [email protected] or call (02) 9387 6616