Iris Perla

Stone type

Glass Mosaics


Swimming pools, spas, saunas, wellness spaces, cladding interiors


Chip Size: 25x25mm, Sheet Size: 495 x 312 mm │Chip Size: 36x36mm, Sheet Size: 334 x 334 mm │Thickness: 4.8mm


Iris Perla is a white iridescent mosaic specially designed for cladding interiors, swimming pools, spas, saunas and wellness spaces, and promotes relaxation and enjoyment. A treat for the senses. The shimmering effect and superb colours are very popular for pools due to the movement of colour that reflects light and shade. Mosaics in shades of white like Iris Perla will tend to yield light, sky-blue water tones. But the watercolour is determined by other factors such as water depth, location and pool surrounds as well.

Please note that there are no mosaic samples available through our website.