Our Recently Completed Spectacular Commercial Projects

September 3, 2020

STS Stone commercial projects showed a significant growth in the fast year, we are excited to share some of the recently completed office spaces, hotels and lobbies. Commercial design briefs differ from residential in terms of scale, proportion and customisation – giving the creative license to create unique cuts, dramatic contrasts and magnificent detailing.



Each project resulting in spectacular spaces that showcase some of STS Stone’s best natural stone selections. We’re taking a closer look at 4 of our recently completed commercial projects, all located in the heart of Sydney’s CBD.



Banco Chambers concept, design and palette reflects the colours of Hyde Park in Autumn and communicates Banco’s character – highly detailed and focussed. At the centre of space is a curved stairwell, inset with unique detailing at the foot of each step using STS Stone’s Grigio Venato limestone. Grigio Venato was used across the lobby and door portals marking the entrance to each of the chambers.



The lobby of 2 Market Street is an architectural landmark that blends industrial and natural materials. It was designed with a dynamic and aspirational approach. This combination lends the site a sense of character that is unique within a commercial environment. With a focus on luxury, STS Stone’s Caprizza Grey was used throughout the lobby, with special attention in creating seamless stone elevators surrounding and floor to ceiling wall tiles. The flooring is another highlight of the space, created using a multitude of cuts and large scale stones to form a unique pattern.



The Crowne Plaza Hotel located at the heart of Sydney, STS Stone’s Antarctic White and Absolute Black marble tiles work effortlessly with the timber and gold detailing to create seamless flow between every area of the space. Stone curvature across the walls and facades adds to the overall luxury feeling.  The scale of this project allowed us to create dynamic contrast with black and white lending a contemporary and luxurious look to the elevator areas.



60 Bathurst St is all about the metropolitan experience. STS Stone’s Chanel Beige Marble was applied throughout the lobby with bespoke, rhombus shaped, large scale cuts of marble allowing the grain of the stone to flow across unique structure of the lobby floor. The space is finished with shimmering bronze trims that together with our honed finish marble, provide exquisite contrast.


To find out more about the natural stone been used in these projects, click on stone’s image below:




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