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May 19, 2021

Discover Porcelain: An excellent complement to natural stone

To be able to offer you the ideal solution for each application, we complement our natural stone range with a handpicked premium selection of porcelain tiles and slabs. A safe alternative that balances aesthetics, functionality and costs.

Choose from porcelain surfaces featuring the look of marble, concrete and limestone with an extraordinary realism, as well as a selection of colors, thicknesses, dimensions, and finishes for all uses. Please contact us directly for further information:

Marble Porcelain

Recreates the surface, pure colours and natural veining of the most sought-after marbles. Our harmonious selection includes the purest calacatta, red luxury, deep blacks and browns.

Sizes in mm: 300×600, 750×1500, 1200×2780

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Limestone Porcelain

Perfectly in line with current design trends and due to its authentic reproduction of warm and natural colours and textures, the porcelain tiles are ideal for creating a welcoming yet elegant environment.

Sizes in mm: 300×600, 400×800, 600×1200, 900×900

Immagini 3027
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Polypad Porcelain

Polypads (pedestal supports) are designed to be placed under the tiles or pavers to elevate flooring creating space for draining and low level objects. The earthy and rough porcelain surface of the polypad range is the ideal solution for outdoor areas as it ensures maximum safety.

Sizes in mm: 450×900, 600×600, 900×900

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Concrete Look

For a modern and edgy alternative to concrete and cement, these porcelain tiles are the perfect choice. While adding modern and cool colors to the space, the concrete porcelain look creates a surprisingly warm and inviting atmosphere at the same time.

Sizes in mm: 300×600, 600×600, 12000×600

concrete feature image
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Want to find out more?

Get in touch with our experts today for further information on availability, sizes and finishes of our porcelain selection. We make sure that you will find the ideal material that suits all your requirements.

E [email protected]
T 02 9387 6616

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