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antarctic grey dolomite
Antarctic Grey Dolomite
Antarctic Grey Dolomite Benchtop

The design of Paddington Residence is a masterful blend of heritage and contemporary styles, creating a sense of quiet luxury that pays homage to the client’s African heritage. The muted and natural palette, consisting of roasted almond, clay, and bone, sets the tone for a serene and sophisticated atmosphere. The use of ORO LUCE Limestone adds a touch of elegance, radiating a sun-baked Golden Light that seamlessly integrates with the colour scheme. A choice that not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also grounds the design in the client’s cultural roots.


ANTARCTIC GREY is also known as Super White Dolomite, and an elegant option for a modern home. Dolomite is one of the hardest and most resilient marbles and well suited to a variety of design projects. The grey toning and impressive veining of this natural masterpiece may be paired alongside dark and light components with ease. For your next kitchen or bathroom fit out, Antarctic Grey Dolomite slab is definitely one to consider.

Grigio Venato Limestone bathroom vanity
Grigio Venato Limestone cut to size
Grigio Venato Limestone bathroom vanity


This vibrant grey limestone with fibrous white veining adds subtle depth and movement to any space. Grigio Venato is most suitable for floors, walls as well as bench and vanity tops due to its high durability. For outdoor use check out the antique exterior finish of Grigio Venato.

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