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Natural Stone Slabs Sydney

STS STONE offers an impressive selection of high-quality natural stone slabs, handpicked from the finest quarries around the world to complement latest Australian design trends. Our carefully selected range will provide you with unlimited and unique options to meet any design brief, including options of Marble Slabs, Quartzite Stone Slabs, Dolomite Slabs, Granite Slabs as well as Limestone slabs in different colours, sizes and finishes. Effortlessly elegant, each exhibiting a unique character, natural stone slabs have the power to transform every design project into a work of art. Find your perfect match & secure your natural stone slab. All products shown below are suitable for applications including countertops, backsplash, kitchen island, vanities, fireplace, feature walls, bathtub surrounds or statement pieces. Filter slabs by stone type below.

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Antarctic Grey Dolomite Slab

Antarctic White Dolomite Slab

Apollo White Marble Slab

Arabescato Marble Slab

Argente Lilac Granite Slab

Atlas Marble Slab


Bianco Alpi Quartzite Slab

Black Fantasy Quartzite Slab

Calacatta Brazil Quartzite

Calacatta Marble Slab

Calacatta Viola Slab

Carrara Marble Slab

Crema Valencia Limestone Slab

Cristalli Quartzite Slab

Cristallo Rosa Quartzite Slab

Cristallos Fire

Emerald Green Quartzite Slab

Florence Marble Slab

Green Fantasy Quartzite Slab

Green Oasis Quartzite Slab

Grigio Argente Granite Slab

Grigio Collemandina Marble Slab

Grigio Palma Granite Slab

Grigio Venato Limestone Slab

Havana Marble Slab

Majorca Grey Marble Slab

Mont Blanc Quartzite Slab

New York Marble Slab

Oahu Island Quartzite Slab

Onice Chiffon Onyx Slabs

Oro Luce Limestone Slab

Pacific Granite Slab

Patagonia Quartzite Slab

Persian Green Quartzite Slab

Pink Fantasy Marble Slab

Rosa Epheso Marble Slab

Rosso Alicante Marble Slab

Royal Black Quartzite Slab

Snow White Marble Slab

Statuario Marble Slab

Taj Mahal Quartzite Slab

Tiffany Quartzite Slab

Travertine Grigio Chiaro Slab

Travertine Light Vein Cut Unfilled

Verde Alpi Marble Slab

Verde Dune Quartzite Slab

Vida Green Quartzite Slabs

White Fantasy Marble Slab

Frequently Asked Questions

Quartzite, Dolomite, Granite and Marble are often considered one of the best natural stones for benchtops due to its durability, heat resistance, and wide range of colors and patterns. It’s a hard and dense stone that’s resistant to scratches and stains when properly sealed. Additionally these natural stone countertops can add a luxurious and natural aesthetic to your kitchen or bathroom. Ultimately, when selecting a natural stone for countertops, consider factors like durability, maintenance requirements, appearance, and how the stone will complement your overall design and lifestyle.

The maintenance requirements depend on the type and texture of natural stone that you select for your project, but as long as you follow these simple steps your natural stone will stay looking beautiful for years. Regular sealing and cleaning are vital for the long-term performance of all natural stones. All products must be finished correctly with an appropriate sealant during the installation process and re-sealed after a few years, depending on surface usage and traffic. Natural stone surfaces must be cleaned with warm water and a mild pH neutral cleaner only, as harsh chemicals and acid cleansers can eventually break down the sealer and disturb the finish. Spilled liquids should not be left unattended and wiped up quickly to avoid staining and etching of the material. Always use protective mats to place hot items on the natural stone and put coasters under glasses to prevent unseen spills from remaining on the marble benchtop.


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