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Italian Terrazzo Tiles Sydney

Terrazzo has become a highly popular material due to its durability and timeless, yet exceptional look. Our high-quality Italian Terrazzo collection comes in a beautiful range of on-trend and natural colors as well as different sizes. This collection is an ideal solution for any residential or commercial application that requires strong resistance and aesthetic. Terrazzo Capri sizes: 300×300, 600×300, 400×400, 600×400, 600×600, 700×700, 800×400, 800×600 and slabs (2500x1400x20mm). Contact us for custom sizes. Minimum quantity order: 50 sqm and approx. 3 months lead time.

Introducing Italian Terrazzo Capri

Italian Terrazzo is a composite consisting of materials including marble, granite, glass and quartz, which is why it’s available in such a vast range of truly stunning designs and styles. Italian Terrazzo tiles are becoming increasingly popular in Australia not just for their beauty, but also their versatility and durability. From bathroom floors to kitchen countertops and everything in between, we have Italian Terrazzo tiles that are perfect for the job.

Learn More about Italian Terrazzo Capri

Despite its undeniably luxurious appearance, Italian Terrazzo Capri is an extremely high-value material, and it’ll retain its style and integrity for a lifetime. View our gallery to see finished projects, or give us a call to find out about our full range of natural stone products.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Terrazzo is known to be more expensive compared to other materials due to its manufacturing process and the durable quality of the material. The total cost of Terrazzo depends on the materials used and design complexity besides other factors.  

To maintain the surface of Terrazzo tiles remove any loose dust or dirt regularly from the tile surface. For cleaning, using a neutral detergent or just water in combination with a mob is recommended.

Terrazzo is a composite material made of marble chips, Portland cement and water. It is an all-natural, sustainable agglomerate that is also durable and reliable. The materials are precast into blocks that can be cut to size.

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