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Granite Stone Tiles

Whether you want to renovate your bathroom, install new kitchen countertops or create a pool area, our granite stone is the ideal choice. Available in a broad range of colours and finishes, our granite tiles are durable and highly versatile. Granite is one of the best value natural stone products on the market.

At STS STONE, we specialise in sourcing premium quality natural stones ranging from marble to granite from the world’s most trusted manufacturersAfter undertaking quality control checks of all our products, we make our granite stone available to you at the best value prices in Sydney. Order your granite tiles today or contact our specialists for more information.

Why Choose Granite Tiles?

Granite tiles are highly resistant and durable, making them ideal for all floors and walls indoor and outdoor, bathrooms as well as kitchen countertops. Its elegance and lasting quality make Granite an extremely popular building material for both, residential and commercial projects. All our granite stone tiles are available for nationwide delivery in Australia. If you live in Sydney and need an expert team of renown builders and architects to bring your design ideas to life, we can connect you with our valued partners.

Learn More about Granite Tiles in Sydney

If you want to add a touch of elegance to your space and create a classic, timeless look granite tiles will prove to be a high-value investment. There’s no better company from which to buy granite tiles in Sydney from than STS STONE. Browse our gallery for design inspiration, and peruse our full range of stone products to find out which tiles will best suit your needs. If you require any product recommendations or expert design ideas, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

Absolute Black

Grigio Argente

Grigio Palma Flamed

Himalayan Black Flamed

Himalayan Pink

Lagos Flamed & Brushed


Montmarte Flamed & Brushed


Pacific Flamed

Paradiso Grey Flamed & Brushed

Silk Flamed

Granite is an igneous stone with impressive durability and strength. Granite is notoriously tough against stains, cracking and does not react to acids, making it a superior low maintenance natural material across indoor and outdoor applications.

All natural stone tiles price range varies according to the quality, size and suppliers. In general Granite is less expensive than Marble, roughly starting at $79 – $129 sqm.

Yes, Granite is a highly durable, long-lasting and a perfect flooring material. Granite is easy to clean and can remain in good condition if taken care of properly.

(Questions is hard to answer. Found more specific questions on Google like Which is the best quality granite? Which Granite is the hardest? Please double check and rephrase question)The functional quality and colours of Granite vary and finding the best Granite is always based on your project’s needs.

Granite tiles don’t require a lot of upkeep, but must be sealed using appropriate sealants just like all natural stone. 3 easy steps to maintain granite: For daily cleaning use a mild cleanser, wipe spills up and remove stains immediately after they occur and protect granite tiles from heat. 

Granite is strong, durable and easy to maintain. That makes Granite most suitable for any interior or exterior application and most popular for hard-wearing surfaces like countertops, kitchen islands, vanities, fireplace surrounds and high-traffic flooring. 

At STS Stone we work together with the most-trusted granite tile suppliers around the world for over 20 years. Every single granite tile is carefully selected to guarantee high-quality to affordable prices. We carry an impressive handpicked selection of premium granite tiles in different colours, sizes and finishes and provide excellent professional advice on finding the ideal granite tile for each project. 


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