Stone Products

Stone Tile Products

Our stone products are sourced from the most reputable suppliers worldwide. We work directly with Sydney’s best architects, interior designers and private clients. STS STONE’s extensive range has been selected with attention and timeless classics in mind as well as providing unique options that you will not find anywhere else. We offer a wide variety of natural stone products in many colours and finishes, so you can find the one that best suits you and your needs.

Limestone’s presence throughout history and its natural, earthy characteristics make it the quintessential choice for modern day homes and businesses seeking old world charm. From the cozy indoors to the great outdoors, Limestone is a versatile multi-use material adding a relaxed and comfortable ambiance to any space.
While Travertine is one of the most frequently used stones in modern architecture, this natural stone has been used for centuries. The largest building in the world constructed mostly of Travertine is the Roman Colosseum. With its textured and fibrous appearance, Travertine creates warmth and energy and is most suitable for flooring, wall cladding, paving and pool coping.
Granite is an igneous stone with impressive durability and strength. It is notoriously tough against stains, cracking and acids, making it a superior low maintenance material. Indoor options like residential kitchens tops, commercial hallways, foyers & cladding as well as exterior applications such as courtyards, terraces and balconies make Granite super versatile.
Basalt is a volcanic stone, used in architecture for centuries due to its long-lasting, difficult to corrode and ageless nature. Its characteristic dark grey and blue tones has led to it commonly being called Blue stone. The hardness, uniformity of colour and endless finish possibilities make Basalt suitable for any application within residential and commercial design projects.
Porcelain is a highly durable, strong material and ideal for almost any application around your home, indoor or outdoor. Our handpicked selection of porcelain tiles includes popular natural design styles like Porcelain Limestone, Porcelain Travertine, and Porcelain Marble tiles along with other looks. The range of porcelain tiles is available in different colours, finishes and sizes.
Glass Mosaics: Our selection of glass mosaic tiles is sourced from two renowned European manufacturers, Spanish Ezarri and Trend initiated in Italy, offering maximum quality, durability and stunning hues and mixes. Once mainly used in swimming pools, glass mosaics today are applied in spas, bathrooms, water features and virtually in any facet of a design or décor.
Exterior Finishes: Finishing changes the texture and colour of natural stone. Different finishes will provide different slip resistance, chemical resistance and other external factors that may affect its functionality and durability. View our range of different exterior finishes and contact us for advice on which finish is most appropriate for your application.
Terrazzo has become a highly popular material due to its durability and timeless, yet exceptional look. Our high-quality Italian Terrazzo collection comes in a beautiful range of on-trend and natural colors as well as different sizes. This collection is an ideal solution for any residential or commercial application that requires strong resistance and aesthetic. Terrazzo Capri sizes: 400x400, 600x600, 1200x600 and slabs. Contact us for custom sizes. Minimum quantity order: 150 sqm and approx. 16 weeks lead time.