Natural stone in the bathroom: what you need to know

June 18, 2020

Natural stone is a simple, yet powerful way of adding luxury to any design or room, especially bathrooms. There is something so indulgent about starting your morning in a beautiful marble shower.

Here at STS Stone, we want to help you select the best stone for your bathroom, to make it look and feel like you’re on holidays every time you go. Our guide will help you through the entire process, from choosing the right material to maintenance and care.

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The best natural stone for your bathroom

While it is apparent that natural stone creates a luxurious aesthetic, practicality is also important. Varying in porosity and density, some natural stones are more ideal in wet and humid internal rooms than others. However, finishing and sealing your stone can liberate any limits you may think exist when it comes to natural stone in the bathroom.

Marble, limestone and granite are popular choices, and for a good reason. Marble and limestone’s looks are matched with their durability. While they need some love and attention to preserve their quality, finishing the stone properly allows for applications in all corners of the bathroom. Granite’s impressive resistance to staining also makes it an excellent choice.

Travertine’s porous structure leads many to believe it is unsuitable for bathrooms. However, filling the tiny holes, honing and sealing the travertine will provide adequate protection against its absorbent nature, adding it to the list of viable natural stones for the bathroom.

Day to day care

Cleaning your natural stone bathroom surfaces with a gentle cleaner and soft cloth is a simple, safe and effective way to prolong the quality and life of your beautiful bathroom. Like all applications, avoid harsh bathroom cleaners that may corrode or damage the stone

Keeping your bathroom well ventilated will also encourage any water to evaporate, which prevents mould and watermarks from forming

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Long term maintenance and care

Generally, STS Stone recommends resealing your bathroom natural stone surfaces every 3-5 years to ensure the longevity of the stone. We are happy to provide any advice or recommendations for sealers in the bathrooms to ensure you get the most out of your beautiful natural stone bathroom.

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