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Oyster Grey Limestone

la vie en rose featured in belle magazine
oyster grey marble pavers
oyster grey marble pavers

The fabulous Palm Beach project by Marco Meneguzzi features our OYSTER GREY Limestone Pavers in Flamed & Tumbled finish around the pool and exterior area.

oyster grey marble pavers
Travertine Silver Striato


Oyster Grey marble tile typically refers to a type of marble tile that showcases a combination of green, beige, and brown hues reminiscent of seagrass and oyster shells. The stone often features intricate veining and patterns, resembling the organic and flowing nature of underwater seagrass. These tiles are used in various architectural and interior design applications, such as flooring, wall cladding, or decorative accents, adding a natural and earthy touch to spaces. Oyster Grey marble tiles can vary in color intensity, veining patterns, and overall appearance, offering a unique and elegant aesthetic to any area they adorn.

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