How to keep your Natural Stone in excellent condition.

June 22, 2017
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Natural stone doesn’t require a lot of upkeep and the sealing will help prevent stains, however here are some general recommendations to keep your stone in excellent condition:

1. Spills should be cleaned up as soon as possible and kept free of possible contaminants.

2. Wipe areas using a clean water damp microfiber cloth, no chemicals are needed.

3. Sweeping and dust mop the floors as often as possible, this will help remove loose debris and reduce the amount of dirt settling in the grout joints.

4. A wet mop should be used to remove the rest of the dirt. Acidic and strong alkaline cleaners should not be used at all as they can damage both the sealer and the stone.

5. In outdoor pool, patio or hot tub areas flush with clean water and use a mild bleach solution to remove algae or moss.

6. General recommendation for re-applying the sealers is 5-7 years for indoor stone and 1-2 years for exterior surfaces.

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