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April 2, 2019

Granite and limestone have both been used to design households for centuries. These stones both provide beauty for new homes and renovation. When it comes to choosing which stone best fits countertop designs, here’s an in depth comparison to help guide you on making a decision for your project:

Granite is a a rock formed by liquid magma making it heat resistant, scratch proof and extremely durable. With proper maintenance, these stone can last a lifetime. It requires sealing every 6 months. Available in countless colour and patterns, no slab is ever the same as another. This ensures that each project it’s used for is entirely unique.

Granite natural stone

Limestone, on the other hand an organic rock formed by sedimentary remains i.e. shells and micro-skeletons on the sea bed. Significantly softer than granite, in order to maintain it, sealing is recommended to be done quarterly. Typically comes in natural colours like grey, tan or brown, it’s ideal for bathrooms as it provides a beachy vibe from the impressions left on the stone by aquatic fossils and shells.

limestone countertops

Overall, granite is perhaps the best choice for any type of project as it requires minimal maintenance and comes with a huge colour selection. But if you’re looking for a beachy vibe, limestone is an option you can look into. Either way, STS Stone has a wide inventory of granite and limestone materials for you to choose from.

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