Everything you need to know about tiling your STS Stone

July 2, 2020

Understanding natural stone and being informed about our product is essential in achieving a perfect end result. Our general recommended process of installation for most of our natural stone is as follows:

Lay, Clean, Pre-Seal, Clean, Dry, Seal Again, Grout


Before Tiling

Prior to laying any tiles, the builder, or tiler must:

After delivery, take care in opening the crate and carefully removing the tiles. Inspect tiles for any defects.

Check the quantity, colour shade and size. Also check that the shade is consistent through the batch. If more tiles need to be ordered, please order before work commences


During Tiling

We suggest mixing tiles from several boxes to ensure blending of any inherent shade variation.

All natural stone must be laid using specialized stone adhesives to prevent unwanted affects on the resulting finish. Adhesives/sand or cement with salt content will react with some natural stone and should not be used for stone applications.

During the laying process, adhesives and grout must be cleaned off the stone immediately and at all times to prevent damage.


After Tiling

Natural stone is pourous and sealing is a vital to in the installation process. To protect your natural stone, it must be sealed using appropriate sealants.

The primary seal is conducted before the tiles are grouted to ensure the porosity of the stone is reduced. STS Stone recommends and supplies ‘Lithofin Pro-Seal’ for primary sealing.

The secondary seal is done after they tiles are pre-sealed and cleaned, and before the grout. This serves as further protection to the natural stone. Please make sure the tiles and clean and completely dry before applying the secondary seal.

We recommend and supply various ‘Lithofin Stain Stop’ sealers, depending on the stone and its application. From solvent to water based, we will gladly advise what is best for your chosen STS Stone.



Sealers last for many years. However, depending on its surface usage and traffic, we suggest close inspection of the natural stone every 3-5 years to check if resealing is required.

With an impressive portfolio of projects, many of which are located in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs, STS Stone will gladly provide recommendations of experienced professionals that can tile, seal and/or reseal your stone. Please get in touch if you have any more queries with regards to tiling your STS Stone.



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