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Nothing straight, Nothing square, Nothing off the shelf

With the exclusive Darling Point location and striking views overlooking Sydney Harbour, this one of a kind house designed by MCK Architects is taking full advantage of its surroundings. The duplex is divided into one 3-level apartment and one single level apartment, all planned and built with special attention to details. The design brief includes a specific request “Nothing straight, Nothing square, Nothing off the shelf” and it snows in every corner of this house.

Builder Horizon has been awarded an Excellence in Housing Award 2020 from Master Builders Association for the extraordinary Darling Point Duplex.

Travertine Grigio Chiaro and Terrazzo were used through the apartments and the outdoors areas. Creating a seamless flow between the different area of the house and from the outdoor in.


Travertine Grigio Chiaro Antique can be considered the ideal all-rounder due to its high density and soft uniform grey colour which harmoniously blends in with any design. The Antique Finish (Sandblasted & Brushed) is ideal for outside areas that require slip resistance. After the stone has undergone a sandblasting process to create a slip-proof surface and to slightly lighten the natural colours of the stone, it is then brushed with mechanical wires to remain a smoother surface.

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Travertine Grigio Chirao Antique


Italian Terrazzo Capri is both, a traditional and timeless floor and wall solution that is hard wearing and sure to make an impact. Like natural stone, this high-quality Italian Terrazzo is created in large marble-cement blocks and then cut into terrazzo slabs, this means it can then be cut to your specific needs. An ideal choice for any large-scale project that requires strong aesthetics and resistant surfaces.

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Capri 187

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