Crema Valencia as the perfect addition to Bondi Luxury Living

May 27, 2021

Luxury apartments put new shine on Bondi Post Office

designed by William Smart of Smart Design
developed & built by Taylor
supplied by STS STONE 

We are proud to be a part of this incredible project of new luxury boutique apartments located at the original Bondi Post Office site, footsteps away from the iconic Bondi Beach. Twenty Hall designed by William Smart of Smart Design and delivered by the developer/builder Taylor will retain historically significant parts of the existing building while embarking on a contemporary extension marrying the old and the new. STS Crema Valencia Limestone was selected for interior floors throughout the living areas complementing Bondi’s beachy feel and exquisite natural environment.

Characterized by parallel veins and delicate grains on a soft sun-baked background, Crema Valencia breathes warmth and light into the new living spaces. Suitable for a diverse range of applications, from interior and exterior floors and walls to straight or curbed cladding, paving, decoration and masonry, this limestone is a classic choice adding elegance, versatility and refined calm to any design.

For more photos view Smart Design’s full story about the Twenty Hall project.


Stone: Crema Valencia
Architecture & Interior Design: Smart Design
Builder: Taylor
Location: Display Suite at 178 Campbell Parade, Bondi Beach
Photo: Grant Dale

20 Hall modell

Stone Selection

Limestone Crema Valencia: A classic choice when it comes to adding refined elegance and a warm feel to your design. Characterized by a light beige and softly sun-baked base with caramel-coloured, delicate grains and parallel veins, this tried and true favourite breathes light and life into any space. It is most suitable for interior or exterior floor and wall applications, including bathrooms.

Picture showing Crema Valencia floor tile in honed finish, framed by a border in brushed finish.


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