Creating a bathroom space with Marble

September 18, 2023

Designing a marble bathroom creates a luxurious and sophisticated ambience. Marble is a timeless material known for its elegance and durability. Here’s a basic outline of how you might approach creating a bathroom space with marble:

1. Marble Selection

Marble comes in various colours and patterns. Choose a type of marble that complements your design vision and blends well with other elements in the bathroom. Some of the most popular marble types include our Snow White, Antarctic White, Florence, Carrara, Calacatta and Statuario.

2. Flooring

Consider a format that matches your bathroom space and size when choosing marble tiles for your floor. Alternatively, opt for a marble mosaic pattern to add visual interest. Ensure that the tiles are properly sealed to protect them from moisture.

3. Wall Cladding

You can cover entire walls or create accent walls. Marble wall cladding can be used behind the vanity, around the bathtub, or in the shower area. This will add a touch of luxury and create a spa-like atmosphere.

4. Vanity Countertops and Sink

A marble vanity countertop can be a centerpiece of your bathroom. It adds elegance and sophistication to the space. You can choose a marble slab with distinctive veining or colour to create a unique look.

5. Shower and Bathtub Surrounds

Using marble in the shower and around the bathtub adds a lavish feel. Marble is water-resistant and can be an excellent choice for these areas. Consider creating a marble accent wall inside the shower or a marble tub surround.

6. Care & Maintenance

Keep in mind that Marble (and all kinds of natural stone) requires proper sealing to retain its beauty. Marble must be finished correctly with an appropriate sealant during installation and re-sealed after a few years, depending on surface usage and traffic.

From the rich veins of Marble to the warm tones of Limestone and the classic charm of Granite, explore the diverse world of natural stone in our latest bathroom designs, created by Australia’s most renowned interior designers and architects.


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