Cobblestone for driveway paving

October 4, 2017
STS Stone Cobblestone Tiles

The cobbles provide a vast array of options in colour, stone type and texture providing great design flexibility for residential and commercial garden designs. Cobblestones are ideal for driveways and high traffic areas, their textured finish gives traction on steep surfaces and their colour variation is incredibly forgiving in terms of marks and staining. Furthermore, their small size makes them great for dealing with curves in design. Almost all of our cobblestones come with a matching natural stone tile or paver allowing design continuity by using the same natural stone throughout the project, making them a great way to add texture to a space without compromising on the existing colour palette.

How To Maintain Cobblestone Pavers?
Cobblestone paver driveways require very little maintenance.
Just give them a good washing once or twice a year and pull any weeds that grow through.

How Long Will a Cobblestone Paver Driveway Last?
A well-built cobblestone paver driveway can remain stable and functional for as long as 100 years.

STS Stone endeavours to deliver a wide range of natural stone tiles which come in a variety of shapes, sizes and patterns.

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