Stone Finishes

Travertine Grigio Chiaro Antique

TRAVERTINE GRIGIO CHIARO has been part of our natural stone range for over 10 years, remaining the most sought-after product. As the original supplier of Travertine Grigio Chiaro with an exclusive partnership to the premiere quarry, we guarantee unparalleled quality and shorter lead times.

UNRIVALED QUALITY – We take immense pride in our ability to offer you the original Travertine Grigio Chiaro stone for over a decade now. Our exclusive partnership with the premier quarry sets us apart and guarantees unparalleled quality: Long-lasting, consistent & naturally resilient.

CONSISTENCY – Consistency in colour, veining, and quality is a hallmark of our Travertine Grigio Chiaro tiles, allowing you to seamlessly match tiles for your project.

SHORTER LEAD TIMES – As your ultimate source for premium quality, we keep standard sizes in different finishes IN STOCK and promise short lead times for any custom sizes or large formats.

VERSATILITY – The light grey hue provides a neutral and contemporary aesthetic that can complement various design styles.

THE ALL-ROUNDER – TGC creates the perfect seamless indoor-outdoor transition as is available in different finishes, making it suitable for a wide range of application.








Slabs available

Custom sizes available

Featured Projects



travertine grigio chiaro honed slab
Slip Rating: P2
Travertine Grigio Chirao Antique
Slip Rating: P4
Travertine Grigio Chiaro Outdoor
Slip Rating: P4
tgc splitface
Wall Applications

Sizes & Lead Times

NO LEAD TIME – in stock




Pool Coping

Treads & Risers

Slabs – 2950x1950x18mm

*Available in different finishes.

SHORT LEAD TIME – Big format or custom sizes




Custom Sizes

Mitred Edges

*Available in different finishes.

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florence marble stairs commercial building sydney



Florence Marble is renowned for its elegance, WARMTH, and versatility. Its soft, neutral tones complement various design styles, making it a perfect choice for modern, classic, or even minimalist aesthetics. Incorporating Florence into your workplace or residential design can create a harmonious blend of LUXURY and functionality.

Florence Marble slab and tiles
florence marble stairs commercial building sydney

A Fusion of Elegance & Innovation by Group GSA

Chanel Australia’s headquarters seamlessly blend refined aesthetics and timeless elegance, all the while paying homage to the brand’s rich heritage of luxury. Spanning two meticulously designed levels, these workspaces are interlinked by a captivating spiral staircase, which stands as an architectural marvel in itself. Each constituent aspect of the interior harmoniously comes together to showcase the brand’s refinement and grace, creating an atmosphere of timeless sophistication


Honed – A low sheen and slightly silky interior surface


ANTIQUE – A sandblasted & brushed  surface for a more textured and smoother look


600×300, 600×600, 800×400, custom sizes, slabs



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Outdoor living trends 2023


The past three years have given us a greater understanding of our needs and of what we want our homes not only to look like but also to embody – spaces of connection, comfort & closeness with nature.


Seamlessly integrating indoor & outdoor spaces, incorporating more sustainable and natural materials and using earthy tones are the design trends on the rise in 2023. Get inspired by our latest exterior projects using a selection of natural stones to create an outdoor oasis of mindfulness and relaxation.




Grigio Perla




Sandblasted & Brushed


Pavers, Pool Coping, Stairs


Outdoor Living Trends 2023


Designed by Caroline Mae Olah & Chapman Architecture
Built by Create Construction



GRIGIO PERLA’s muted greys add softness and a sense of calm while bringing a clean and modern finish to any design.





Oro Luce




Tumbled & Sandblasted


Pavers, Pool Coping, Stairs



Architecture & Design by Bevan Boss Design



ORO LUCE translates to Golden Light. This beautiful Limestone with delicate fossilisations invokes warmth and tranquility and is a classic flooring option to suit for both, modern and traditional tastes.




Grigio Scuro




Tumbled & Sandblasted


Pavers, Pool Coping, Stairs





The stronger movement and subtle flecks of lighter hues through the darker grey tones bring life to our GRIGIO SCURO Limestone pavers and make them a standout flooring option in our exterior range.

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Grigio Venato


Grigio Venato






Slabs & Tiles

Grigio Venato
OffSet House by EB Interiors
Photography by Pablo Veiga
grigio venato bathroom


Grigio Venato is most versatile and joins in harmony with both, light and bold colours. This stone is a popular choice to create texture, depth and contrast in contemporary bathroom and kitchen designs as well as commercial spaces.


grigio venato LIMESTONE SLAB

For further details on size, price and availability or to book an appointment to view the slabs, please call 93876616

Previous Feature Projects


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the church Pacific granite slab


Pacific granite slab

“The transformation of a historic church into a contemporary new home.”

Pacific granite slab


Pacific truly offers the best of both worlds. While maintaining the distinctive durability and strength of Granite, it impresses with the aesthetic appeal of Marble stone instead of Granite’s characteristic grains. Pacific’s deep OCEAN BLUES and MYSTIC GREYS make this stone an enchanting statement piece which never ceases to impress. The slabs are suitable for kitchens, bathrooms and any countertop application.

Pacific Granite feature

For further details on size, price and availability or to book an appointment to view the slabs, please contact us on 93876616

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bringing nature home

bringing nature home

Spring is here – the season of renewal, refreshing & restoration.

Our desire to feel connected to nature and the outside world has grown over the past two years. We are not only aesthetically attracted to natural content but also to nature’s positive impact on our functioning. Inviting nature into your home is a perfect way to create a haven of well-being and joy, to take advantage of all year around. And what better time to start transforming your space into a tranquil oasis than the season of new beginnings?



bringing nature home

Stimulate your senses with TEXTURED STONE FINISHES and make spaces spring to life whether on feature walls, floors or anti-slip exterior surfaces.

GREEN – the colour of life, renewal and growth, ranges from earthy, muted and healing greens to darker hues, adding more depth and definition.


SOOTHING HUES of pink & purple, subtle tones of chalky aqua and soft greys work in unison to create an oasis of calm, serenity and peace, while adding a positive vibe by infusing your home with BLUE COLOUR ACCENTS.

bringing nature home coastal colours


A rich combination of earthy tones combined with MIXED PATTERNS make any space feel inviting, grounded and inspiring. Invoke warmth and comfort with our selection of natural stone in SUNBAKED HUES.


Integrate your in- and outdoor areas into one wide open space by choosing the same stone in different finishes with guaranteed fit for purpose.


Bring your pool to the next level with our extensive selection of outdoor pavers, coping & glass pool mosaics.


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Finish: Honed & Unfilled
Size: 950x600x20mm

Natural Stone Slabs

Large Format Natural Stone Tiles

In superior quality, handpicked for you!

Travertine Large Format



Available Finishes: Honed & Unfilled (Interior) & Antique (Exterior)
Size: 1000x1000x20mm tiles, 1000x1000x30mm Pool Coping

The smooth, uninterrupted look of large-format tiles provides a dramatic appearance and a sense of gravitas. It works perfectly in larger spaces as well as limited areas you want to appear more spacious and open.  Large format tiles provide a seamless and continuous floor as visual interruption is reduced with fewer grout joints, creating a more cohesive look that allows to visually lengthen the size of a room or floor space without compromising on a design.

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Odessa Marble

Natural Stone Slabs

Introducing elegance into your home with



Odessa Marble – timeless and elegant – will add a touch of luxury to any decor by incorporating it into your design.

Durable and versatile, Odessa has perfect clarity, definition and veining and will create a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor spaces. The marble is available in a variety of finishes which help dictate the functional characteristics of this stone and its variety of uses.

Natural Stone Slabs

Available Finishes

odessa honed

Finish: HONED


odessa sandwashed featuree



odessa sandwashed newsletter



odessa heavy sandblasted



Stone Type: Marble
Finishes: Honed, Sandwashed, Sandblast, Heavy Sandblast, Bushhammered & Brushed
Sizes: 300×600, 400×800, 600×600, 1000×1000, 1200×600, slabs, custom size

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Natural stone finishes

Surface finishes not only alter the appearance but more importantly the performance of natural stone tiles. It is essential to choose finishes suitable for the intended use, particularly for any outdoor floor application. Using different techniques will affect the stone’s functionality providing different slip resistance, weather resistance and water resistance. Our natural stone tiles are available in a wide variety of finishes, colours and sizes. Let’s explore the most popular natural stone finishes of STS STONE:

Natural Stone Exterior Finishes


In sandblasting, a high-pressure jet of siliceous sand or steel shots is applied to the area to be treated. This treatment produces a smooth abrasion, leaving the material with a slightly scratched (but not rugged) surface. The colour tones and the veins are slightly dulled. Sandblasted stone has a degree of slip-resistance, making it an ideal finish for exterior applications.

Recommended use: Outdoor floors, alfresco & pool areas, pool coping, paving, pathways, driveways


After the stone has undergone a sandblasting process, the surface is then brushed with mechanical wires to make the stone smooth and slightly restore the colour. Stone in Antique finish is perfect for outside areas when slip-resistance is important.

Recommended use: Outdoor floors, alfresco & pool areas, pool coping, paving, pathways, driveways


This process entails passing a blowpipe that emits a high-temperature flame over the surface to be treated. The heat acts by blowing the crystals out as they suffer thermal shock, with an effect that is particularly evident in materials composed of minerals with various degrees of expansion, (such as the vast majority of granites). The resulting surface is rough, non-slip and generally faded in colour, thereby hiding defects and tone variations. Ideal for all exterior applications.

Recommended use: Outdoor floors, alfresco & pool areas, pool coping, paving, pathways, driveways


A bush-hammered and brushed effect is obtained by pounding the material surface mechanically or by hand with a specific multi-pointed tool. End result is a rugged surface full of little grazes at the impact points and a lighter colour. This process gives the stone more texture and enhances slip resistance. Mostly used in exterior areas.

Recommended use: Outdoor floors, alfresco & pool areas, pool coping, paving, pathways, driveways


The tumbled finish is essentially an ageing effect. This finish creates softer surfaces and rumbled edges suited for Travertines & Limestones. Tumbled look is aesthetically pleasing and exudes character and warmth and suits an French provincial design style. Suitable for use indoors and outdoors.

Recommended use: Travertine tiles in tumbled finish for outdoors. Limestone tiles in tumbled finish for indoors

Interior Finishes


A polished finish is created when a stone surface reaches its most refined stage. It is buffed to the highest level possible, and the results are either a high shine or the actual highest level of shine that can be achieved naturally. This finish gives the stone a very elegant and rich look, providing it with a pinnacle depth of colour.

Recommended use: Indoor only. Floors, walls, benchtops, kitchen islands, splashbacks, bathrooms, cut to size features


A honed finish is achieved when rubber heads smooth out the stone’s surface to create an overall consistency and uniformity in the stone’s texture. When suppliers are finalising a honed finish, they typically sand the stone just before it reaches the polishing phase. This accounts for its lack of glossiness and gives the stone a more matte appearance. Natural stones in Honed finish have a smooth, non-reflective, satiny sheen and are mainly used for interior floors and walls.

Recommended use: Indoor only. Floors, walls, benchtops, kitchen islands, splashbacks, bathrooms, cut to size features

Belmondo BrushedBRUSHED

The brushed finish gives the stone surface a slightly textured feel and aged nature. Using hard nylon or steel mechanical brushes the natural stone tile results in a rough to the touch but rather smooth finish.

Recommended use: Indoor countertops, vanities, feature walls.


A leathered finish stone has a surface that is textured and pebbly, like leather. This type of finish is achieved by further processing the stone through sanding and buffing, sometimes using brushes and water jets. While the surface appears well-worn and weathered, it is pleasantly smooth to the touch. Stone in a Leathered finish feature a soft sheen and a textured appearance. Only certain hard-wearing types of stone slabs like quartzite, dolomite and granite can get leathered.

Recommended use: Indoor bench tops, kitchen islands, feature walls.

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Natural Stone Pool

To ensure your pool area is ready for our hot Australian summer – now is the ideal time to consider its facelift and plan renovation or remodelling. Pools are currently not in use which gives you enough time to complete your work. And with long awaited holidays to exotic destinations currently unattainable, planning a staycation resort in your own backyard is a brilliant idea in these challenging times.


Creating your personal oasis vibe will let you relax and unwind, relieve stress, spend more time with the family and maximise your outdoor living space for many years to come. Whereas trends and ideas come and go glass mosaics and natural stone pavers remain popular and aesthetic choices. STS STONE professionals will guide you through the process of choosing the right stone tile, paver, pool coping or mosaics and most importantly the appropriate stone finish ensuring safety for all.

3 EASY STEPS to bring your pool & backyard to the next level


Irrespective of the pool design, choose natural stone outdoor pavers for its surrounds that will compliment your home and garden. Factors to consider should be appearance, durability, surface finish and the sealant. Appropriate stone finish is vital to maintaining safety around the pool. STS STONE has readily available stock and various options of durable, dense and hard-wearing pavers in a non-slip finish suitable for pool surrounds.





Pool coping is the edging used around the exterior rim of the pool that protects the pool’s structure and provides a finished look. Choose an edge profile that is safe and that will suit your pool design and surroundings. More rounded edges are less susceptible to chipping compared to square edges. Commonly used edge profiles include Pencil Round (radius of a standard pencil), Bullnose (a rounded edge finish), Mitred Joint (two edges joint around a corner) and Drop Down edge.





Glass mosaics have revolutionised the look and feel of modern pools. Elaborate designs, shimmering colours, and an extensive array of possibilities will transform any pool into a beautiful retreat. Glass compliments the characteristics of water, reflecting and refracting sunlight to create an enchanting effect. Mosaic tiles are durable, easy to clean, and resistant to chemical corrosion and other types of damage. Whatever your personal choice – Glass Mosaic tiles will create a truly unique look and add a touch of fun and sophistication to your pool.


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Outdoor stone tiles Sydney

While summer officially ended, the days are still long and nights warm and cosy. A perfect time to still enjoy entertaining outdoors, the garden or the pool. Natural stone is the ideal material that adds a sense of style, luxury and sophistication to any alfresco area and landscape design.

Drawing on over two decades in the industry, we can source premium stone from around the world and offer fit-for-purpose products for any build. We carry a comprehensive selection of outdoor stone tiles for walls, floors, driveways, pavers, stepping stones, cut to size pool coping and surrounds as well as stairs with various edge profiles as well as Mosaics from the top producers in the world.

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Belmondo marble

Walking through Sydney’s suburbs, it is evident outdoor living is a major part of our culture. While many of us still spend most of our time indoors, integrating the outdoors into our day to day, remains of high importance. Architects and designers are constantly seeking out design solutions that will sustain the malleability between indoor living and outdoor lifestyles. Using the same stone in a different finish creates a fluid indoor and outdoor space, connecting our surroundings in an easy and effortless way. The STS STONE range of natural stone is available in a variety of finishes: Honed and Polished are ideal for interior spaces; Sandblasted, Brushed or Bush Hammered work well outdoors, with their high slip resistance.


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Seaforth House, Architecture by MASQ Architecture

It’s time to give the outdoor some attention

Just before temperature drops and winter is officially here, Fall is the perfect time of the year for some easy outdoor living. Designers and architects often take advantage of Australia’s climate to create some amazing outdoors living. From outdoor kitchens to luxurious entertaining areas overlooking the water, the house becomes a part of its surrounding landscape

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