taj mahal quartzite
taj mahal quartzite slide

Quartzite is often considered a perfect material for benchtops (countertops) due to a combination of its natural beauty, durability, and practical characteristics. Why Quartzite is considered an ideal choice for a benchtop material:


Quartzite exhibits natural beauty with a wide range of colors and unique patterns. It often resembles the appearance of marble but comes with the added advantage of increased durability.


We understand that your designs are meant to stand the test of time. That’s why our Quartzite slabs are not only visually stunning but also incredibly durable. With superior resistance to heat, scratching, and staining, these slabs are perfect for both high-traffic areas and statement pieces.


Whether you envision sleek kitchen countertops, luxurious bathroom vanities, captivating accent walls, or breathtaking flooring, STS Quartzite slabs are ready to transform your spaces. Their versatility knows no bounds, making them the ideal canvas for your creative ideas.


We are thrilled to unveil our latest collection of exquisite Quartzite Slabs that are bound to elevate your design projects to new heights. Each slab embodies timeless elegance, unmatched durability, and a stunning array of natural patterns and coloUrs. Whether you’re working on a residential masterpiece or a commercial venture, these Quartzite Slabs are sure to leave a lasting impression.



Whether adorning a kitchen island, gracing a bathroom countertop, or becoming a statement piece in any room, Calacatta Brazil Quartzite slabs are an embodiment of the HARMONIOUS UNION between natural artistry and robust functionality.



As the name suggests, Green Oasis Quartzite is characterized by its intense and eye-catching green color. It typically features shades of green ranging from light to dark, often with beautiful variations and patterns. The green hues can be reminiscent of LUSH FORESTS or vibrant plant life.

green oasis quartzite slab
green oasis quartzite slab



Cristallos Fire Quartzite is renowned for its vibrant and fiery appearance. It features a white to light grey background with veins and streaks of orange and gold. These warm and FIERY colors give it its distinctive name and make it a popular choice for interior design projects where a BOLD and dramatic statement is desired.

cristallos fire quartzite slab
cristallos fire quartzite slab



Taj Mahal slabs are renown for its elegant beauty and durability, deriving from the Quartzite stone family. Its soft-warm CHAMPAGNE hues paired with smooth brown veining work particularly well on kitchen benchtops. Taj Mahal Quartzite slabs are the ideal choice for adding a luxurious and TIMELESS look.

Taj Mahal Quartzite Slab
taj mahal quartzite slab



Bianco Alpi Quartzite embodies PURITY and MYSTERY within its grey mountain tones, crystalline flecks, and dense veining. Due to its high density and low porosity, Quartzite is extremely suitable for hard-wearing applications. The leathered finish creates a three-dimensional texture, bringing the movement to life.

Bianco Alpi Quartzite slab



A premium quality and exclusive metamorphic slab showcasing an elegant combination of deeper TURQOISE and gray tones, and whites creating a CAPTIVATING visual appeal. The surface is characterized by intricate patterns and veining. The slab’s texture is smooth and polished, enhancing the  natural beauty of the stone and providing a luxurious feel to the touch.

paradiso quartzite
paradiso quartzite slab



One of the most expressive Quartzites and beautiful creations of mother nature. Cristallo Rosa Quartzite slabs are characterised by pure and rose white background with delicate gold veining, resembling a SUMMER SUNSET.

cristallo rosa quartzite
cristallo rosa slab



Oahu Island Quartzite is a stunning piece of natural stone that evokes the tranquil and EXOTIC BEAUTY of a remote PARADISE. This unique stone features a striking combination of colors, textures, and patterns, creating an exquisite and captivating aesthetic.



We invite you to discuss your project and view our new Quartzite slab selection by visiting our Eastern Suburbs showroom located at 118 Edgecliff Rd in Woollahra, only moments away from Bondi Junction.


To provide you with personalized assistance, we recommend scheduling a Free consultation with our stone design experts. We’ll be delighted to guide you through the selection process, helping you find the ideal quartzite slab for your unique project.

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Travertine Grigio Chiaro Antique

TRAVERTINE GRIGIO CHIARO has been part of our natural stone range for over 10 years, remaining the most sought-after product. As the original supplier of Travertine Grigio Chiaro with an exclusive partnership to the premiere quarry, we guarantee unparalleled quality and shorter lead times.

UNRIVALED QUALITY – We take immense pride in our ability to offer you the original Travertine Grigio Chiaro stone for over a decade now. Our exclusive partnership with the premier quarry sets us apart and guarantees unparalleled quality: Long-lasting, consistent & naturally resilient.

CONSISTENCY – Consistency in colour, veining, and quality is a hallmark of our Travertine Grigio Chiaro tiles, allowing you to seamlessly match tiles for your project.

SHORTER LEAD TIMES – As your ultimate source for premium quality, we keep standard sizes in different finishes IN STOCK and promise short lead times for any custom sizes or large formats.

VERSATILITY – The light grey hue provides a neutral and contemporary aesthetic that can complement various design styles.

THE ALL-ROUNDER – TGC creates the perfect seamless indoor-outdoor transition as is available in different finishes, making it suitable for a wide range of application.








Slabs available

Custom sizes available

Featured Projects



travertine grigio chiaro honed slab
Slip Rating: P2
Travertine Grigio Chirao Antique
Slip Rating: P4
Travertine Grigio Chiaro Outdoor
Slip Rating: P4
tgc splitface
Wall Applications

Sizes & Lead Times

NO LEAD TIME – in stock




Pool Coping

Treads & Risers

Slabs – 2950x1950x18mm

*Available in different finishes.

SHORT LEAD TIME – Big format or custom sizes




Custom Sizes

Mitred Edges

*Available in different finishes.

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florence marble stairs commercial building sydney



Florence Marble is renowned for its elegance, WARMTH, and versatility. Its soft, neutral tones complement various design styles, making it a perfect choice for modern, classic, or even minimalist aesthetics. Incorporating Florence into your workplace or residential design can create a harmonious blend of LUXURY and functionality.

Florence Marble slab and tiles
florence marble stairs commercial building sydney

A Fusion of Elegance & Innovation by Group GSA

Chanel Australia’s headquarters seamlessly blend refined aesthetics and timeless elegance, all the while paying homage to the brand’s rich heritage of luxury. Spanning two meticulously designed levels, these workspaces are interlinked by a captivating spiral staircase, which stands as an architectural marvel in itself. Each constituent aspect of the interior harmoniously comes together to showcase the brand’s refinement and grace, creating an atmosphere of timeless sophistication


Honed – A low sheen and slightly silky interior surface


ANTIQUE – A sandblasted & brushed  surface for a more textured and smoother look


600×300, 600×600, 800×400, custom sizes, slabs



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Outdoor living trends 2023


The past three years have given us a greater understanding of our needs and of what we want our homes not only to look like but also to embody – spaces of connection, comfort & closeness with nature.


Seamlessly integrating indoor & outdoor spaces, incorporating more sustainable and natural materials and using earthy tones are the design trends on the rise in 2023. Get inspired by our latest exterior projects using a selection of natural stones to create an outdoor oasis of mindfulness and relaxation.




Grigio Perla




Sandblasted & Brushed


Pavers, Pool Coping, Stairs


Outdoor Living Trends 2023


Designed by Caroline Mae Olah & Chapman Architecture
Built by Create Construction



GRIGIO PERLA’s muted greys add softness and a sense of calm while bringing a clean and modern finish to any design.





Oro Luce




Tumbled & Sandblasted


Pavers, Pool Coping, Stairs



Architecture & Design by Bevan Boss Design



ORO LUCE translates to Golden Light. This beautiful Limestone with delicate fossilisations invokes warmth and tranquility and is a classic flooring option to suit for both, modern and traditional tastes.




Grigio Scuro




Tumbled & Sandblasted


Pavers, Pool Coping, Stairs





The stronger movement and subtle flecks of lighter hues through the darker grey tones bring life to our GRIGIO SCURO Limestone pavers and make them a standout flooring option in our exterior range.

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Grigio Venato


Grigio Venato






Slabs & Tiles

Grigio Venato
OffSet House by EB Interiors
Photography by Pablo Veiga
grigio venato bathroom


Grigio Venato is most versatile and joins in harmony with both, light and bold colours. This stone is a popular choice to create texture, depth and contrast in contemporary bathroom and kitchen designs as well as commercial spaces.


grigio venato LIMESTONE SLAB

For further details on size, price and availability or to book an appointment to view the slabs, please call 93876616

Previous Feature Projects


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the church Pacific granite slab


Pacific granite slab

“The transformation of a historic church into a contemporary new home.”

Pacific granite slab


Pacific truly offers the best of both worlds. While maintaining the distinctive durability and strength of Granite, it impresses with the aesthetic appeal of Marble stone instead of Granite’s characteristic grains. Pacific’s deep OCEAN BLUES and MYSTIC GREYS make this stone an enchanting statement piece which never ceases to impress. The slabs are suitable for kitchens, bathrooms and any countertop application.

Pacific Granite feature

For further details on size, price and availability or to book an appointment to view the slabs, please contact us on 93876616

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Travertinbe Grigio Chiaro Rose Bay Duet

A dual-home project in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs that offers the best of both worlds. The Rose Bay Duet is uniquely designed for two generations of one family, consisting of two contrasting yet complementing homes.

Architecture by Stafford

Builder Blue Label Construction

Interior Design by Blue Label Design

Photography by Tom Ferguson

Travertine Grigio Chiaro Antique
Travertine Grigio Chiaro Antique

Stone Selection

Used throughout the outdoor areas and external balconies, Travertine Grigio Chiaro enhances the slow-paced and calming lifestyle of the home overlooking Sydney Harbour.

Travertine Grigio Chirao Antique


Material – Travertine

Finish – Antique (Sandblasted & Brushed)

Use – Outdoor areas, external balconies, external stairs and cladding

View stone here →

odeon grey porcelain


Material – Fully vitrified

Finish – Flamed

Use – Pool terrace and coping, exterior cladding, terrace floors and stairs



Material – Glass Mosaics

Size – 25x25mm

Use – Swimming pool

Rose Bay Duet featured in

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travertine grigio chiaro residential project stafford

Rose Bay Residence by Stafford

Statuario Marble slab in bathroom design

STATUARIO (Marble) in Honed Finish used on bathroom floor, walls and vanity top. View stone here →

Rose Bay residence by stafford

TRAVERTINE GRIGIO CHIARO in Split Face Finish on interior and exterior feature walls
TRAVERTINE GRIGIO CHIARO in Honed Finish featured on staircase and hallway floor. View stone here →

Architecture by Stafford

Builder Concourse Constructions
Photography by Nicholas Watt

Langlee Display Suite by Mirvac

snow white marble slab
The Langlee Display Suite by Mirvac: 26 Hall Street, Bondi NSW 2026
Open 11am-4pm daily
Photography by BeeHiveStudios
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antarctic grey dolomite

Mosman Residence

Grigio Venato Limestone bathroom vanity
Grigio Venato Limestone

ANTARCTIC GREY (Dolomite) featured on kitchen islands, benchtop & splashback. View stone here →
GRIGIO VENATO (Limestone) used for powder room basin & bathroom vanity top. View stone here →

Architecture by Hampton Architecture

Turramurra Residence

Limestone indoor and outdoor floor
Oro Luce Limestone
wall and floor bathroom tiles
Antarctic White Dolomite + Calacatta Viola Marble

ANTARCTIC WHITE (Dolomite) featured on bathroom floors and walls. View stone here →
CALACATTA VIOLA (Marble) used for vanity top. View stone here →
ORO LUCE (Limestone) in Honed finish for interior floors, extended in tumbled & sandblasted finish for exterior area incl. pool floor and coping. View stone here →

Architecture by Annabelle Chapman
Interior Design Decoration + Styling by SJS Interior Design
Builder Cockle Constructions

Mosman Residence

residential project kitchen design
Bianco Alpi Quartzite

BIANCO ALPI (Quartzite) in Leathered finish featured on kitchen islands, benchtop & splashback and extension to exterior alfresco countertop. View stone here →

Interior Design by Colour Cube
Lorimer Building Service
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Luxury apartments put new shine on Bondi Post Office

designed by William Smart of Smart Design
developed & built by Taylor
supplied by STS STONE 

We are proud to be a part of this incredible project of new luxury boutique apartments located at the original Bondi Post Office site, footsteps away from the iconic Bondi Beach. Twenty Hall designed by William Smart of Smart Design and delivered by the developer/builder Taylor will retain historically significant parts of the existing building while embarking on a contemporary extension marrying the old and the new. STS Crema Valencia Limestone was selected for interior floors throughout the living areas complementing Bondi’s beachy feel and exquisite natural environment.

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Montenegro Limestone Art House Indoor blog

Most beautiful residential projects using natural stone

Natural stone is a blend of elegance, durability and style where no two pieces are exactly alike, adding a touch of class and timeless beauty to any space.  Take a closer look at three stunning residential projects using a range of our stones for Interior and Exterior:

Mosman Home

The level of quality and uniqueness achieved in this project are most impressive. Materials and textures in this Mosman home are in perfect harmony with each other while standing out at the same time. The earthy Havana and Atlas marble complement the indoor warm colour palette, contrasted by our Grigio Scuro limestone around the pool reflecting cooler and refreshing exterior.

The sophisticated tones of the Havana marble with its striking golden veins turn this vanity top into a focal point of the bathroom. Brown creamy beige Atlas marble displays notable sun-baked warmth throughout floors and walls, creating a captivating aura.

Stone: Atlas, Havana, Salvador, Grigio Scuro
Architects: Corben Architects
Builder: Real Constructions
Photo: Grant Dale

The Art House

From a neglected Bellevue Hill mansion to a stunning contemporary family residence, The Art House is a true example of refined elegance. Beginning the vast entrance to a striking curved staircase our Montenegro flooring softens the strong monochromatic scheme, adding to the home’s clean, classic and contemporary aesthetic.

Application of the uber glamorous New York marble in the main en-suite reaches new levels of modernity with each and every striking vein, creating an ultimate showpiece of design intensity.

Montenegro seamlessly continues throughout the indoor space creating a harmonious flow and visible movement in hallway, lounge and dining area.

Stone: Montenegro, New York
Architecture & Interiors by Bevan Boss Design
Furnishing & Decoration by Nina Maya
Builder: TC Build
Photography: TC Build & Bevan Boss Design

A dream in beige

A harmonious selection of varying, yet matching creme-toned marble adds a sense of warmth and light to this gorgeous home in Vaucluse.

Our elegant Crema Messina marble in honed finish was used for the lounge and kitchen area, continued throughout the balcony and poolside area in a slippery resistant sandblast finish. Visible movement and texture is added by the romantic Florence marble wall cladding to complement the dream in beige.

Builder: Mag Construction
Photography: Grant Dale

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Travertine Grigio Chiaro pool tiles
Highlights of the month – Travertine Grigio Chiaro was featured in Vogue Living Magazine as one of Sydney’s most stunning residential projects. We are excited to announce as well that Horizon has been awarded an Excellence in Housing Award 2020 from Master Builders Association for the extraordinary Darling Point Duplex project featuring our travertine tiles.

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STS Stone commercial projects showed a significant growth in the fast year, we are excited to share some of the recently completed office spaces, hotels and lobbies. Commercial design briefs differ from residential in terms of scale, proportion and customisation – giving the creative license to create unique cuts, dramatic contrasts and magnificent detailing.


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