Travertine Grigio Chiaro Selected by Vogue Magazine and Master Builders Association

November 3, 2020
Travertine Grigio Chiaro pool tiles

Highlights of the month – Travertine Grigio Chiaro was featured in Vogue Living Magazine as one of Sydney’s most stunning residential projects. We are excited to announce as well that Horizon has been awarded an Excellence in Housing Award 2020 from Master Builders Association for the extraordinary Darling Point Duplex project featuring our travertine tiles.

What exactly makes Grigio Chiaro such a highly sought-after and special material? The Grigio Chiaro travertine tiles can be considered as the ideal all-rounder due to its high density and soft uniform grey colour which works on multiple design levels and supports a smooth transition between indoor and outdoor spaces. A natural stone that simply wins over with elegance and tranquillity. Take a closer look at the projects below beautifully embodying indoor-outdoor harmony through design vision and the selection of Grigio Chiaro in various finishes!

Vogue Magazine features Grigio Chiaro

The ultra chic Sydney dream house by Poco Designs included in the October issue of Vogue Living Magazine Australia is one of our absolute highlights. Travertine Grigio Chiaro was the ideal choice to transmit a resort-like, luxury atmosphere in this stunning family home. The elegant honed finish was used for lounge room and kitchen, a rougher slip resistant antique finish all around the outdoor area and pool. The two finishes flow seamlessly into one another and create one wide-open and welcoming space.

Travertine Grigio Chiaro pool tiles

Excellence in Housing Award 2020

Our congratulations to Horizon for winning “Excellence in Housing Award 2020” in their category from Master Builders Association for the extraordinary Darling Point Duplex overlooking Sydney Harbour. We are excited to be part of this one of a kind project of Horizon and MCK Architects and still impressed by the team work and passion that made this masterpiece come to life.

The light grey tones of Travertine Grigio Chiaro create a smooth, yet exciting look for staircase, living room and balconies and form a uniform and balanced foundation in the entire house that matches flawlessly with the detailed design around it.

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